Custom Voice Prompts For Your Business Phone System

Having a phone system that is well setup to handle your customer calls is essential for streamlining your business and reducing customer service hassles.

Automated phone and IVR systems can lower your business costs and reduce the amount of time your customer service team will need to handle your customers. By using voice recognition to handle your customer needs, you can reduce the strain on your support staff.

An IVR phone system can:

- reduce your business costs

- reduce the strain on your customer support team

- handle the basic customer question, BEFORE they reach your staff

- recommend and sell new products or services to customers when they are waiting

Writing your script

Creating a voice prompt system that both effectively handles customer support questions , generates sales leads, and reduces overall customer frustration, is a job of trial and error. Over time you can gain the analytics data about how your IVR system is working and where the problems are.

Altering the script to fix these errors may take time, but  hard work in this area will be rewarded with lower costs, happier customers, and a more productive customer support team.

Choosing Voice Talent for Your Voice Prompts

When choosing talent to voice your prompts, you should first consider your businesses demographics. Studies have shown that customers respond best to voices that are most similar to them. For example, if your customers are 24 – 40 year old males and you work in the automotive industry, a male voice might be more appropriate for your voice prompts.

But, if you aren’t quite sure, you may opt to go with a neutral friendly female voice. This type of voice will fit almost all voice prompt systems and be the best choice for your customers.

A female voice aged 25 -40 is the best choice for most types businesses. This voice should be very clear and audible. It is very important that your customers understand each section of the menu system in order to increase leads and reduce frustration.